New online Bible encyclopedia

There is a new, free online Bible encyclopaedia produced by the Society of Biblical Literature, which is the largest global academic society for the study of the Bible. Bible Odyssey has been six years in the making, and has a really wide range of very good resources. It includes pictures, short articles, and video clips, … Continue Reading

Evangelicals and critical engagement

An article in the Guardian has been doing the rounds on Twitter. In it, the ‘anonymous academic‘ complains that evangelicals studying theology are resisting proper academic scrutiny and flattening out discussion about important issues. Evangelical students cannot tolerate diversity of opinion and resist secular critiques of their views. My job is no longer the joy … Continue Reading

Overview of critical methods in studying the NT

Here is a short article I have written for the new edition of Exploring the New Testament vol 2 giving an overview of critical methods.

Critical methods in the study of the New Testament

In order to help to answer some of the questions raised here, New Testament studies as a discipline has developed a range of approaches. Very often these are borrowed from neighbouring disciplines within the university, making theology something of an interdisciplinary subject.

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