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My most recent publication is the Tyndale New Testament Commentary on the Book of Revelation. You can order it from Amazon and other online retailers (make sure you order mine, and not the previous edition by Leon Morris!), or directly from the publisher on the IVP website.

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Has the church followed the Bible on slavery?

This question is a bit of an old chestnut—but I thought it worth revisiting, not least in the light of an interesting Twitter exchange I had with an Australian academic (whom I do not know in person). Robert Myles is lecturer in lecturer in New Testament and Religion at Murdoch University, and has published academically on slavery. I don’t know what interest he has in the debate on sexuality, but the conversation started (as it often does) in connection with a a discussion about the recent revision of the basis of faith of the Evangelical Group of General Synod (EGGS) in relation to sexuality: