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My new commentary on Revelation will be published in the Tyndale New Testament Commentary series on April 19th. You can pre-order online here.

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What did the Book of Revelation ever do for us?

I am very pleased to announce that my commentary on the Book of Revelation has been published by IVP, and to celebrate there will be a book launch and public lecture on Thursday April 19th at Christ Church, Chilwell, with discounted signed copies of the commentary available for purchase. To whet your appetite, I include below an extract from the very end of the commentary.

We live in challenging times, where both the church and historic Christian faith feel increasingly marginalised in our culture. Outside the church, the rise of extremism encourages a suspicion of all religious traditions. Within the church, there seems to be a loss of confidence and a loss of understanding of our own traditions and an increasing illiteracy of our own Scriptures. 

But the challenge of reading Revelation well tackles many of the challenges that we face. The book itself is the most developed example of a scriptural writer wrestling with the ideological implications of the gospel, engaging with an opposing system in the light of what God has done in Jesus. As an apocalypse (revelation), a prophecy and a letter it offers unique insights into what it means to be God’s pilgrim people. And the challenge of reading it well forces us to address questions of violence, justice, extremism, and our own understanding of the Christian Scriptures. 

This evening event will include a public lecture by Ian Paul on why Revelation is the book for our times, followed by a question and answer session and the launch of Ian’s new commentary on Revelation published by IVP.