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Should we always obey the government?

Donald Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy on immigration, leading to the separation of children from their parents at the US/Mexico border, has dominated the foreign news in the UK this week. As with all such news items, it is much more complex than at first reported, and we need to understand carefully what has been going on.

The situation hit the headlines with an unconfirmed recording of children crying who had been separated from their parents, and a picture circulated on Twitter apparently showing children in cages because of Trump’s policy—but this turned out to be from 2014. In fact, the policy of separating some children from their parents came from Obama’s period in office, and the same happens in the UK in cases of illegal immigration where parents are deemed to have committed an offence. The reason for this is that children cannot be imprisoned along with their parents—and the change that Trump made was to criminalise all those crossing the border, rather than trying to separate out illegal immigrants from genuine asylum seekers. Trump’s reversal of the separation policy came in response to the outcry—though it was not clear exactly what it specified or what it would mean for those already separated.