A capital fellow - Version 2I am available to teach or speak at educational institutions, in churches, training events and conferences. To discuss this, please email me at ian(at)psephizo.com or connect with me through Facebook. To find out what others think, please see the comments on the Commendations page

Module teaching

Introduction to Paul (levels 4 and 6)

The Book of Revelation as Counter-Cultural Protest (levels 6 and 7)

Introduction to John’s Gospel (levels 5 and 7)

Preparation and Practice of Preaching (levels 5 and 7)

The Letter of James (part module) (levels 5 and 7)

Biblical Interpretation (levels 6 and 7)

Theology and Practice of Leading Worship (levels 4 and 6)


A Selection of Recent talks

Matthew’s gospel (2 days), Hereford Diocese CME

The Book of Revelation (6 sessions), Lee Abbey Community, Devon

Theological education: where have we come from? Where are we going? (2 hours), Gedling Deanery, Nottingham and Southwell Diocese

Reading the Book of Revelation (2 hours), St Nic’s Church, Nottingham

Biblical texts on same-sex unions (2 hours), West Midlands Bishops’ meeting

Overview of Acts of the Apostles (2 hours), St Nic’s Church, Nottingham

Interpreting the Letter of James (2 hours), Church Army International Leaders

Key Issues in reading the Book of Revelation (2 hours), Derby South Clergy Chapter

Discovering Jesus again for the first time (1 hour lecture), Derby Cathedral

Matthew and Mission (3 sessions), Scripture Union Leaders

The Church in Three Dimensions (Revelation 7) (6 sessions), Lee Abbey Community, Devon

The Gospel of Matthew (1 day), Derby Diocese Clergy and Readers CME

Models for the interpretation of Scripture (1 day), Salisbury Diocese CME

The Gospel of John (2 days), Hereford Diocese CME

Seminars at New Wine summer conference:

  • What’s the Bible all about?
  • The Book of Revelation (4 sessions)
  • How to interpret the Bible (2 sessions)
  • Why I want to be Left Behind (eschatology and ‘The Rapture’)
  • Preaching to the iPad Generation (use of social media)
  • The Bible, Women and Leadership
  • What is the relationship between the natural and the supernatural?
  • Relationship between Word and Spirit

For a full list of my academic teaching, qualifications and publications, please download my CV: Ian Paul Curriculum Vitae 2013