Should we seek compromise with a departure from the catholic consensus?

Joshua Penduck writes: In a striking, and near seeming coincidence, at the same time the Bishop of Oxford’s Letter against the Alliance has been published, a new previously undiscovered letter of +Eustathius of Sebaste to Athanasius of Alexander has been brought to light. Eustathius of Sebaste was one of the leaders of the ‘homoiousios’ party, … Continue Reading

Resetting LLF: Whose unity? Which doctrine?

Andrew Goddard writes: A new article by the Lead Bishop for LLF, Martyn Snow, offers some promising signals as to how the LLF “reset” is progressing, particularly in relation to the importance of doctrine and its relationship to the form of our unity, but it also leaves major questions unanswered. The following article explores six … Continue Reading

Can we find a way forward for LLF together?

Andrew Goddard writes: In this article, I offer a summary of what happened at General Synod in February and its procedural consequences. I then look at the recently announced structures for taking LLF/PLF forward and set them out in the context of the past structures and a review of the past motions of General Synod. … Continue Reading