Matching our speech and action in Matthew 21 video discussion

The gospel reading for Trinity 17 in year A is Matt 21.23–32. It comes in the same place in the narrative as in Mark and Luke, but then Matthew expands the episode with material unique to his gospel.

To make sense of it, we need to know a little of the background situation, and notice Matthew’s distinctive account. And once more we engage with one of Jesus’ intriguing parables of the kingdom.

Join Ian and James as they explore this passage, its meaning, and its implications for preaching and for our discipleship.

The heart of forgiveness in Matthew 18 video discussion

The lectionary gospel reading for Trinity 15 in Year A is Matt 18.21–35. It continues Matthew’s collection of Jesus’ teaching about life in the ekklesia—not the ‘church’ as we would understand it now, but within the community of God, gathered around obedience to Jesus himself. Jesus’ teaching here is striking, in that is shifts the … Continue Reading

The paradoxical invitation of Jesus in Matthew 11 video discussion

The gospel lectionary reading for Trinity 5 in this Year A is another odd selection of verses, Matthew 11.16–19 and 25–30. The lectionary omits the challenging words of Jesus’ judgement of the cities where he has ministered—but in fact these are integral the passage, which explores the paradoxes of Jesus’ ministry and response to it. … Continue Reading

The disciples as the presence of Jesus in Matt 10 video discussion

The gospel reading for Trinity 4 in Year A of Matt 10.40–42 is perhaps the strangest choice in the whole lectionary—at only three verses! And yet this short passage has some really significant features that offer enormous potential for reflection: it is tightly structured and highly memorable; it is almost without parallel in the other … Continue Reading