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Schools, faith and tolerance

The case of the supposed ‘Trojan Horse’ infiltration of some Birmingham schools by ‘Islamic fundamentalists’ has, of course, generated more heat than light. And it was only a matter of time before the spotlight was turned on Christian ‘fundamentalist’ schools. On Newsnight last night (starting at 26:20 into the programme), Jeremy Paxman introduced the issue by asking: ‘Where does belief end and bigotry begin?’

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Are Christians atheists?

One of the delights of the internet is that once you are in the public domain, you can be savaged and mauled (verbally at least) by complete strangers. I have experienced this a little in blogging and on Facebook, but it appears to be a regular pastime of atheists to attack random Christians on Twitter. […]

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The National Secular Society’s unpleasant agenda

The NSS has produced what appears to be a particularly unpleasant report on the work of Christian organisations in primary and secondary schools. On their website the lead comment is as follows: Our state schools are being targeted and exploited by evangelical groups as part of their missionary work. That is a serious charge, for […]

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