Statement on the criminalisation of LGBTQI+ people Signatories

1.  As those who reject the criminalization and victimization of people who identify as LGBTQI+ and condemn all forms of violence directed against them, we welcome the recent statement from the Archbishop of Canterbury expressing grave concerns about the possible consequences of the draft Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill due to be debated by the Ghanaian parliament. In particular we welcome his emphasis that:

The majority of Anglicans within the global Anglican Communion are committed to upholding both the traditional teaching on marriage as laid out in the 1998 Lambeth Conference Resolution I:10, and the rights of every person, regardless of sexual orientation, before the law.

2. Believing that Scripture is our trustworthy authority in all matters of life and faith, we understand both these elements of Lambeth I.10 to be faithful expressions of the teaching of Scripture. Interpreted aright, Scripture teaches both that marriage is the lifelong union between one man and one woman and the proper place for sexual union, and that all people are made in the image of God, and so should be treated with dignity, respect and care by every individual and by the law.

3. Globally, different cultures undermine different aspects of these two truths—but we believe it is vital that both of them continue to shape the Christian church and the lives of all those who seek to follow Jesus. We are grieved when we see Christians, especially church leaders, failing to uphold either of them whether in the life of the church or in the church’s witness to its culture.

4. We affirm that we are committed in our churches to offering the radical hospitality of Jesus to all, regardless of sex, age, class, ethnicity, or sexuality, alongside hearing, teaching, and responding to Jesus’ radical call to holiness of life in all its aspects.

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The statement has been signed by 226 Signatories.

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First NameSurnameRole or Position
Paul Adams Teacher, former pastor, lay
Stuart Allen Lay Anglican
Sarah Archer Vicar
Andrew Attwood Vicar
LC Bainbridge Christian
David Baker Rector
Russell Baker Elder, worship leader, teacher.
Greg Bannister Revd
Neil Barber Vicar, St Giles’ Church Derby
Dave Barlow Lay church member
Hugh Barne Associate Minister
Nick Barr-Hamilton vicar
John Bavington Vicar
Andy Bawtree Parish Priest , River, Kent
Foley Beach Archbishop of the Anglican Church in North America
Chris Beaumont Priest in Cahrge
Matt Beer Revd/General synod
Nigel Beer Vicar
Jonathan Bell Senior Minister, Grace Church Highlands
Andrew Bell Lay member of General Synod. Churchwarden St James Gerrards Cross
David Bennett Theologian
Dave Berry Vicar, St Peter's Bentley
James Blandford-Baker Vicar, St Andrew's Histon. Member of General Synod
Chris Blunt Vicar
Helen Bookless Reader
Sam Brewster Minister, Holy Trinity, Henley
Roger Bristow Vicar, Holy Trinity, Bromley Common
Corinne Brixton Associate Minister, St John's Downshire Hill
Carl Brooks-Plunkett Ordinand
Ben Brown Lay Eucharist Minister
Kevin Browne Layperson
Sam Buck Curate
Lindsay Caplen Regional Minister - West of England Baptist Network
Lindsay Caplen Regional Minister, West of England Baptist Network
Rosemary Capon Reader
David Cavanagh Christian minister
Simon Cawdell Team Rector, Bridgnorth and Morville Parishes Team Ministry
James Cawdell Ordinand Cranmer Hall
Nat Charles Vicar, St Barnabas Dalston
Hodder Chris Anglican priest
Jonathan Clark St Michael's Paris
Dan Clark Vicar, St James by the park, shirley, Southampton
Simon Clift Member of General Synod
Ruth Coates Lay leader
Richard Coombs Rector of Cheltenham
Dan Corlett Curate
Andrew Cowan Ordinand
Richard Cresswell Vicar/Rector of Shawbury, Stanton and Moreton Corbet
Laurence Cunnington Parishioner
Henry Curran Vicar
Jonny Dade Vicar
Prudence Dailey Lay Member of General Synod
William Davie Curate, South Gillingham Team Ministry
Martin Davie Theological Consultant
Miriam Davis Ordained local Minister
Barney de Berry Rev Canon, Vicar, member of General Synod,
Josias De Souza Vicar
James Doo Ordinand, Oak Hill College
Ed Down Minister, Hope Hamilton Church
Greg Downes Dean of Wesley Centre, Wycliffe Hall Oxford
John Dunnett General Synod, Chair of the Evangelical Group of General Synod
Paul Dunthorne Centre Lead Tutor, Emmanuel Theological College
Mary Durlacher General Synod
Paul Eddy Vicar, Stanford in the Vale
Will Eley Curate, St Giles', Derby
Frank Entwistle Retired clergyman
Richard Espin-Bradley Vicar
Ben Evans Curate, Church of England
Robin Fassenfelt Reader
Nigel Feilden Lay Reader
Paul Frost Rector, St John's Church Corby
Timothy Gage Rector
Joan Gardener Retired
Clive Garrett retired priest CofE
Sally Gaze archdeacon for rural mission, diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich
Chris Gill Lay member of General Synod, Lay Chair Newcastle under Lyme Deanery Synod
Andrew Goddard Member of CEEC; Assistant Minister St James the Less, London; Tutor in Christian Ethics at Ridley Hall, Cambridge and Westminster Theological Centre
Lis Goddard Co-Chair of CEEC; Vicar of St James the Less, Pimlico
Tim Goodall Pastor, Tile Kiln Church, Chelmsford
Peter Goodridge Rector, St John's Church, Elmswell
Kes Grant PTO
John Grayston
Gareth Griffith Curate, St Lawrence Church, Lechlade
Andy Griffiths Coordinator, training team, Diocese of Chelmsford
Stephen Griffiths Vicar of Oakham
Nigel Griffiths Vicar, St Mary's, Reigate
David Hall Ordinand
Colin Hamer Parishioner
Edward Harding Parishioner
Naomi HILL Associate Vicar St Paul's Slough
Alison Hill Rector
Tim Hillier Vicar of Chertsey, Surrey
Ian Hobbs PTO Chester
Derek Honour Vicar of St Barnabas Church Derby
Jordan Hope
Kathryn Hubbard Director of Music, Lay member of General Synod
Carl Hughes Lay member of General Synod; Churchwarden of All Saints w Holy Trinity Wandsworth
Tim Hurren Retired Vicar
Wendy-May Jacobs Curate
Reverend Ian Jamieson Priest in Charge, St Thomas, Bradley