Disputing the Sabbath in Mark 2 and 3

Oh Mark—where have you been, with your dynamic directness, your parataxis and imitation of Old Testament narrative, your puns on ‘straightway’ and your dense biblical allusions? We have missed you! And yet—it is we who left you, whilst you have been waiting patiently all this time. We were seduced by the Beloved Disciple, with his … Continue Reading

Barnabas is key in the missionary work of the Spirit (Acts 11) video discussion

The first Sunday after Trinity (or Pentecost 2) is also the feast of St Barnabas, who was responsible for receiving, encouraging, and working with the apostle Saul/Paul. In Acts 11 he performs a vital role in encouraging the believers in Antioch and advocating for them to the leadership of the church in Jerusalem. Join James … Continue Reading

Jesus heals the Gerasene demoniac in Luke 8

The lectionary reading for Trinity 1, Year C, is Luke’s version of Jesus meeting and healing the demon-possessed man in the ‘region of the Gerasenes’ (Luke 8.26–39). The account occurs in all three Synoptic gospels; in Mark (the shortest gospel) the story is in the longest and most detailed version; Matthew 8.28–34 is the shortest, … Continue Reading