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Truth and falsehood in Synod debates

Simon Butler has today made a response to my claim that he made false claims about me to Synod and, though I don’t think that public exchanges of statements are the best way to resolve things, his statement requires that I clarify further than I have already done. (My first explanation and his statement can be found […]

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Does the letter of James have a unified theme?

The letter of James is popular and potent, combining vivid and memorable imagery with a directness of command and application. But it also offers a number of striking puzzles: Why does it not refer to the basic elements of Christian faith that you might expect, like the cross, the resurrection and the Holy Spirit? How […]

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Maria Miller, corruption and the gospel

After a week of pressure and mounting headlines, Maria Miller has resigned her post as Culture Secretary. There has been some speculation that pressure mounted on her from the press because of opposition to the government’s plan to restrict the press and make them more accountable, or from traditional Conservatives because she had been the […]

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Gay marriage, integrity and the church

One of the issues that has kept surfacing in the last few months, in the rapidly changing scene relating to same-sex relations, gay marriage, and the church, has been the question of integrity. Is the Church doing one thing, but saying another? Jeffrey John pointed out some time ago that much of the Church’s current […]

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