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A Cardinal adjusts his mitria cap as he attendsthe celebration of the Easter Vigil service presided [by German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger] in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican March 26, 2005. [For the first time in his pontificate, now in its 27th year, the Pope has been forced to delegate senior cardinals to represent him at all Holy Week leading up to Easter on Sunday.] - RTXNCSN

Why bishops should throw away their mitres

Why do Church of England bishops wear mitres? In our age of visual media, there is a tendency to reach for visual symbolism; it seems sometimes that those on television they don’t think they are actually talking to a bishop unless the person is wearing a purple cassock. But there are many reasons for saying […]

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Money, faith and the Church of England

It is always interesting when there is a report on finance, just as when there is a report on numbers (e.g. on attendance). The reason for that is not because we should be obsessed with either numbers or money (though some people clearly are for all sorts of reasons). It is because these are two […]

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