Love, Obedience, and the Spirit as ‘another Helper’ in John 14 video discussion

The lectionary gospel reading for Easter 6 in Year A (this Sunday) is the next section of John 14.15–21. The passage begins and ends with the integration of love and obedience—but then focuses on the role of the Spirit as ‘another Helper’ (Paraclete). What does this mean, and why is it significant in this context? … Continue Reading

What does Joseph contribute to the story of Jesus’ origins in Matthew 1?

This Sunday’s lectionary reading for Advent 4 in Year A is Matt 1.18–25. It is a short reading, but laden with significance as Matthew gives his distinctive account of Jesus’ origins. One of the presenting issues in engaging in the two narratives of Jesus’ birth in Luke and Matthew is their very distinctive perspectives, leading … Continue Reading