Prayers of Love and Faith, (Archi-) Episcopal Power, and Anglican Identity

Andrew Goddard writes: The Church of England is waiting for the bishops to decide (likely on Monday October 9th) the next steps in their discernment concerning Living in Love and Faith (LLF). These will be published shortly after the House of Bishops meets and brought in some form to General Synod (Nov 13th–15th). It is, however, … Continue Reading

B2 or not B2, that is (still!) the question: Thoughts on B5A and the Prayers of Love and Faith

Andrew Goddard writes: Back in June I wrote a number of posts concerning the various canons that might be used to introduce the proposed Prayers of Love and Faith (PLF) into the liturgical life of the Church of England. In three parts it considered the original proposal to commend for use at the discretion of the … Continue Reading

Prayers of Love and Faith: The C of E’s Brexit moment?

Andrew Goddard writes: When serving on the Co-ordinating Group of Living in Love and Faith (LLF) from 2017 to 2020 there were inevitably parallels drawn at various points between our work and the contemporaneous national Brexit debate. How was the way we were handling in the Church of the England the complex, seemingly irresolvable, and divisive … Continue Reading

The future of LLF: cakeism or coherence?

Andrew Goddard writes: Twenty years ago, Archbishop Rowan began his presidential address to the July 2003 York General Synod by asking “Does the Church of England exist?”. He replied that “there are several different ‘Churches of England’” and we need “to find out what it is that makes these diverse ‘churches’ one” because “if we can’t … Continue Reading

Prayers, Process, and Powers: B2 or not B2, that is the question (Part 1)

Andrew Goddard writes: As the Report of the House of Commons Privileges Committee makes clear, beneath the high drama of Boris Johnson’s recent resignation as an MP there lie important questions of principle about procedure and power. These can get lost in the soap opera focus on personalities but they are crucial. When there are questions … Continue Reading

Prayers, Process, and Powers: B2 or not B2, that is the question—summary

Andrew Goddard writes: The proposed Prayers of Love and Faith, once finalised, will need to be given an official status and made available for use in the church by some particular legal route. The options for this (full texts available here) are laid out in Canons B2 (authorisation by General Synod), B4 (authorisation by Convocation, Archbishops, … Continue Reading