Should we be offended by Sausage Roll Jesus?

The high street baker Greggs released their first Advent Calendar last week and, as you will no doubt be aware, caused controversy by replacing Jesus in the manger with a sausage roll. There was the little flurry of ‘angry Christians protest’ stories, because newspaper columns only look interesting if there is conflict, and the more … Continue Reading

Learning leadership from Leicester City

Leicester City’s triumph in the Premier League has been hailed as a miracle; even “the most unlikely sporting triumph ever”. On the surface, it appears as though manager Claudio Ranieri is as surprised as anyone at how it turned out. In an interview yesterday he was quizzed on the secret of his success: Interviewer: “What has … Continue Reading

Learning from Leicester on Leadership

Leicester City’s triumph in the Premier League is being hailed as ‘the most unlikely sporting triumph ever’ and ‘a miracle’. On the surface, it appears as though the manager, Claudio Ranieri, is as surprised as anyone at how it turned out. In an interview yesterday he was quizzed on the secret of his success: Interviewer; … Continue Reading

Why labels are important

Two years ago, we moved from a rather hideous 1970s breeze block house to a detached Victorian former farmhouse. It has lots of lovely features, one of which is a walk-in pantry off the kitchen. One member of our family (who shall remain nameless) has a thing about Tupperware, so several shelves of this pantry … Continue Reading

Are resolutions the best way to change?

Have you set your New Year’s resolutions yet? One day in, have you managed to keep them all? It’s a serious question, since we know from bitter experience that New Year’s resolutions seem to disappear faster than a cold turkey sandwich. Here are seven questions to help you think through your resolutions for the year … Continue Reading

Do we worship Jesus or the Bible?

You don’t have to be involved in a debate about some contentious issue, and what the Bible might say about it, for too long before someone chimes up: Sounds to me like your worship the Bible! Shouldn’t Christians worship Jesus? The accusation is that, if you focus on what the Bible says, you are making … Continue Reading

Should Christians be competent?

There is the moment that every Christian leader dreads. Someone in the congregation comes and tells you that God has called them to a particular ministry in the church. You don’t want to be discouraging, so you find a place for this to be exercised. The person concerned is passionate about it, feels strongly God … Continue Reading

We worship a baffling God

There are two twin themes that wind around one another all through the Scriptures. The first is that God communicates—he speaks to us, reveals who he is, and makes himself comprehensible. The other is that he hides himself, keeps himself at a distance, and remains incomprehensible. These two ideas depend on each other, a bit … Continue Reading