What is happening in current study of the Gospels and Acts?

The introductory textbooks Exploring the New Testament are a fantastic one-stop guide to engaging with the gospels and Acts (volume 1) and the letters and Revelation (volume 2). Published by SPCK, volume 1 has just been issued in a third, substantially revised, edition. (The third edition of volume 2, to which I have contributed, will be … Continue Reading

What can we learn from the history of the Bible?

All through this week, at 9.45 each morning, Radio 4 is playing abridged excerpts from Professor John Barton’s book The History of the Bible. I have found it quite a mixed bag, with some helpful and interesting insights on the one hand, but also including some unhelpful and skewed opinions expressed as objective assessments (which they are … Continue Reading

Theology conferences 2018–2019

Jake Belder, who is a curate in the Diocese of York and holds a doctorate in practical theology from Durham University, was wondering whether there was anywhere a one-stop-shop list of conferences in theology (as opposed to ministry practice). He couldn’t find one, so he has used social media to create one—and here it is! I … Continue Reading