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What can preachers learn from Michael Curry?

Aside from Meghan Markle’s dress, perhaps the most talked about feature of Saturday’s Royal Wedding was the sermon by Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church in the US. Curry was a rather sensitive choice as preacher, since he leads the church which, because of its change in its understanding of marriage, is held responsible for tearing apart the Anglican Communion. But as a black American Episcopalian leader, he was something of a natural choice.

If you are a preacher, then I would encourage you to pause every time you hear someone speaking effectively, and spend some time reflecting on what worked well and what you can learn—whether the speaker is a preacher, a politician, or a stand-up comic. We are in the business of communications, and we should take every skill captive in the task we have of communicating Christ. So what can we learn from the impact of Michael Curry? For me, there are three (or perhaps four) things to consider immediately.