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Come and join us for a book launch and public lecture to celebrate the publication of my commentary on on the Book of Revelation on Thursday April 19th at Christ Church, Chilwell, with discounted signed copies of the commentary available for purchase.

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Why we should read more slowly—and live more slowly

I suspect that you are familiar with the modern proverb ‘The devil’s in the detail.’ It usually comes up when people are agreed on the general issues involved in a problem, but there is more to be done in working out the solution. But I was rather shocked to discover the original form of this saying: ‘God is in the detail.’ I am not sure whether the revised form came about because of its alliteration and rhythm (‘devil’ having two syllables like ‘detail’)—or whether it is because, in a world of small print and endless ‘terms and conditions’, we are increasingly impatient with having to go into the detail.

But when recently doing some work on Mark’s gospel, I was struck by how much there is of significance to Mark’s message about Jesus in the detail. You can see something of the attention to detail in this gospel by comparing Mark 5.1–2 with the parallel verses in Matt 8.28 and Luke 8.26 (always a good exercise when reading a Bible passage). Mark alone emphasises ‘crossing the sea’ and Jesus stepping out of the boat, betraying his interest in fishing which most likely arises from using Peter as his source. It was Mark alone who told us that Jesus was asleep ‘on a pillow’ in the boat (Mark 4.28); later, it is Mark alone who tells us that the 5,000 sit on the ‘green’ grass to be fed (Mark 6.39).