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Come and join us for a book launch and public lecture to celebrate the publication of my commentary on on the Book of Revelation on Thursday April 19th at Christ Church, Chilwell, with discounted signed copies of the commentary available for purchase.

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What should we expect from God during Pentecost?

One of our favourite family films was the 2004 cartoon The Incredibles—so we are very excited the the sequel is coming along this summer. In the original, Mr Incredible and his wife Elastigirl have been superheroes, but all the superheroes have fallen out of favour, and had to go into hiding, taking ordinary jobs and living ordinary lives. Early in the film, after a frustrating day at the office, then sitting in the rush-hour traffic, Mr Incredible arrives home tired and angry, and slams his car door shut—upon which the window breaks and the door is bent. In his rage, he picks the car up (because he is Mr Incredible) but before he can do anything else, sees a little boy from next door on a scooter. ‘What are you looking for?’ he yells. ‘I don’t know—something amazing I guess!’ says the boy. ‘Me too, kid—me too’ sighs Mr Incredible, putting the car down.

Pentecost raises the question for us: what are we looking for? What are expecting from God by the dynamic presence of his Spirit? Are we, too, looking for something amazing?

This question takes three different forms, depending on where we are in our journey. For those relatively new to faith, you might simply be wondering what to expect in this strange new world of belief that you have discovered.