Tyndale NT Study group 2023: the Holy Spirit in the NT

The theme for the Tyndale New Testament Study group this year is The Holy Spirit in the New Testament, and we are meeting from Wednesday 5th ­to Friday 7th July 2023 at High Leigh Conference Centre.

As in 2022, we will be meeting simultaneously with the other study groups. We are hopeful that we will be able to offer hybrid participation, certainly for presenters, as part of a commitment to widening participation.

It promises to be a fascinating exploration, with an international cast of contributors—we hope you can join us! You can book online here, and there are discounted rates available until the end of January.


Andrew Cress (Pillar Seminary, Nebraska, USA) ‘The Spirit and the Historical Jesus’s Baptism’

Elizabeth Corsar (St Padarn’s Institute, Cardiff, UK) ‘The Multifaceted Paraclete in the Fourth Gospel’

Paulus de Jong (St Andrews, UK) ‘The Spirit as Teacher and Transformer in the Gospel of John’


John W. Taylor (Gateway Seminary, Ontario, Canada) ‘Portrait of the Invisible: The Gifts of the Spirit as Divine Self-Disclosure’

Michael Roberts (Garstang, Lancs, UK) ‘Spirit, Creation and Hope in Romans 8’

Christoph Stenschke (University of Pretoria, RSA/Forum Wiedenest, Germany) ‘“Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit …” (Acts 4:8): References to the Holy Spirit in the Context of Accounts of Religious Conflict in the Book of Acts’

Paul Wilson (Edinburgh University/Tilsley College, UK) ‘So That You Might Not Only Believe: Simon Magus and the Missional Spirit’

Gabriele Braun (Northwest University, RSA/Nürnberg, Germany) ‘The Divine Indwelling—A Metaphorical Concept of God’s Indwelling Presence in the Book of Acts’

Alexander Lopez Diaz (VU Amsterdam, Netherlands) ‘Not Yet: Acts 8:14-17, Spirit Hermeneutics, and Pentecostals in the Dominican Republic’

Daniel Kayley (University of Nottingham, UK) ‘Luke’s Bilateral Pneumatology: Paul as Torah Observant and Spirit-led’


Nathan Maroney (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA) ‘The Linguistics of the Holy Spirit—Neglected New Testament Wordplay’

Nelson S. Hsieh (Tyndale House, UK) ‘On the Use of the Nomen Sacrum for Πνεῦμα in Greek NT Manuscripts: A Potential Help for the Interpretation of Ambiguous Texts Regarding Πνεῦμα’

Daniel Jackson (Freie Theologische Hochschule Gießen, Germany) ‘The Universal Loss of Divine Spirit in Romans 1:18-32’

Greg Lamb (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) ‘Pauline Pneumatology in Philippians: Salvation, Solidarity, and Service’

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