Tyndale NT Study Group 2020: theology in a world on the move

We have a fascinating line-up of papers for the 2020 NT Study Group which will be meeting with all the study groups for the interdisciplinary Quadrennial Tyndale Fellowship Conference at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire from

Monday 29th June to Wed 1st July 2020.

 Our theme this year (for all the groups together) is

Doing Theology in a World on the Move – Migration, Borders and Citizenship.

The Tyndale New Testament Study Group is part of the Tyndale Fellowship for biblical and theological research, based at Tyndale House in Cambridge, and including evangelical scholars from all over the world.

You can book your place at the conference through the Tyndale Fellowship website. There is an early bird discount until 31st January 2020. 

The full programme of papers is as follows:


Batanayi I. Manyika: Reading Acts 12 in the Shadow of Empire

Delano V. Palmer: Movement and Dispersion in the Book of Acts

Miles Tradewell: Monarchy and Sacred Space Reimagined: Decentralisation and Internationalism in the Early Chapters of Acts?



Erin Heim: Romans 13, Civil Authority, and Christian Civic Virtue

Sobanaraj Sundaram: Interpreting Romans 13:1-7 in light of Paul’s Concept of Nationalism

Elkanah Kiprop Cheboi: Paul’s Response to the Challenges of the First Century Church in Rome and Contemporary Relevance



Mark Keown: The Missional Implications of Citizenship in Philippians

Greg Lamb: Citizenship as a Conduit for Flourishing in Philippians

Alex Muir: Consolation Without Borders? A Comparison Between Seneca’s Consolation to Helviaand Paul’s Letter to the Philippians


Other Biblical Perspectives

Barnabas Aspray: Created Intention or Sinful Aberration? Diversity, Division, and the Cultural ‘Other’ in Babel and Pentecost

Nick Moore: Stairway to Heaven: Nomadic Identity and Cultic Territory in John’s Gospel

Ian Paul: Exodus, exile and internationalism in the Book of Revelation


1 Peter

Helen Rees: 1 Peter and Aliens: Implications for the 21st Century

Richard Wyld: The multi-levelled meaning of resident aliens in 1 Peter


The full list of papers and abstracts can be found here: TF2020 NT accepted papers

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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