Tyndale NT study group 2024: Luke and Acts

The theme for the Tyndale New Testament Study group this year is Luke and Acts, and we are meeting from Wednesday 3rd ­to Friday 5th July 2024 at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire, just 20 minutes north of London by train and 45 minutes from Cambridge.

It is an excellent site, with good accommodation and beautiful grounds. We will be meeting simultaneously with other groups, so there a chance to interact with members across the whole of the Tyndale Fellowship.

It promises to be a fascinating exploration, with an international cast of contributors—we hope you can join us! You can book online here, and there are discounted rates available until 5th February 2024.


Alexander Lopez Diaz (Amsterdam): Luke 1:1-4 and Narratology in Early Christianity

James Morgan (Fribourg): Reading Luke-Acts in light of Five-hundred Years of Greek Historiography

Nelson Hsieh (Cambridge): The Structure of Acts in Chapter Systems from the 3rd/4th Century: Rediscovering Insights from the Greek Manuscript Tradition

Tim Murray (Birmingham): The Social Location of the Author of Luke-Acts

Thursday session 1

Aminta Arrington (Arkansas): Sight, Touch, and the Subaltern: The Anointing of Jesus by a “Sinful” Woman

Michael Blythe (Nairobi): Greed and the Dark Powers in Luke-Acts

Chris Norden (Bristol): “Let Us return”—How Luke Presents Paul’s Decisions in Acts 15:36–16:10

Thursday session 2

Murray Smith (Sydney): Expectant omissions: the function Luke’s selective citation strategy in his inaugurated eschatology

Daniel David Pollorena (Vienna): Who said what? Jesus or John? Exploring Luke’s use of the agrapha in Acts 11:16

Thursday session 3

Christopher De Stigter (Durham): Acts, Paul, and the Social Logic of εἰδωλόθυτον 

Christophe Stenschke (Pretoria/Germany): The Distinctly Jewish Prisoner: The Paul of Acts 21–28

Danny Atkins (Idaho): The Mystery of Israel and the Mission of God: Reading Romans 9-11 and Luke-Acts Together 

Jason Myers (Cheltenham/North Carolina): Luke and the Law: Reading Acts Within Judaism

Friday session 1

Alistair I Wilson (Edinburgh): Foundations for a “missional reading” of Luke’s Gospel

Matthew Sleeman (London): How do you read? Being Lukewise with(in) Acts

Friday session 2

Bex White (Chester): How Does the Use of Allusion before Quotation Provide an Argument from Narrative Shape for Unity in Luke-Acts?

Nick Moore (Durham): Ascension, Worship, and the Hinge of Luke-Acts

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