‘Palm’ ‘Sunday’ in Mark 11 video discussion

The lectionary gospel reading for Palm Sunday in Year B is Mark 11.1–11. (There is an alternative reading from John 12.) It is a fascinating passage, since, rather than focus on Jesus’ actual entry to Jerusalem (which is described quite briefly) it focuses more on the preparation, especially the ‘untying’ of the colt that Jesus rides on.

Mark highlights its significance in biblical (Old Testament) terms, thus making us see the significance of who Jesus is, and the meaning of his entry into the city. This is also confirmed by the context of the story—the claim by Jesus that he will give his life ‘as a ransom for many’ (Mark 10.45) alongside his acclamation by Bartimaeus that he is the ‘Son of David’.

Come and join James and Ian as they discuss all these issues, their implications, and how we might read and preach on this passage.

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