Jesus cleansing the temple in John 2 video discussion

The gospel lectionary reading for Lent 3 in Year B is John 2.13–22, the Fourth Gospel’s account of Jesus ‘cleansing’ the temple and driving out the traders and money-changers. After quite a bit of immersion in passages from Mark’s gospel, it is an interesting contrast to be back in John.

The contrast with the Synoptics raises all sorts of questions—were there two cleansings? What actually happened? What was the meaning of Jesus’ action? What does it tell us about who he is?

Come and join Ian and James as they explore all these questions and their implications.


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3 thoughts on “Jesus cleansing the temple in John 2 video discussion”

  1. There is a sense, a theologolical theme, here that runs through scripture: Jesus here is displaying a Holy jealously for the glory and honour of Name of God; God the Father.
    There is also a mutuality in John, of God the Father being jealous for glory of (the Name of) Jesus, God the Son.
    The theme is that of the Holy “jealousy” of God’s glory.
    God glorifying God.

  2. Dear chaps…loved today’s podcast. You were on a roll.
    (Ian I left a question for you , personally, on the YouTube comment section of today’s discussion. Just thought I’d draw you attention to it…)
    Rob Shaw.


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