Can we really trust God to provide for us in Matthew 6? video discussion

The Sunday lectionary gospel reading for the Second Sunday before Lent in Year A, is Matthew 6.25–34, a section of the so-called Sermon on the Mount. It appears to argue that the followers of Jesus should live a carefree life as they seek the kingdom of God, not being concerned with future provision, but living day to day in simple trust. It thus raises significant questions about whether this is realistic teaching, or an unrealistic aspiration—since even Jesus’ first listeners needed to plan ahead if they were to live and thrive, in the seasons of planting, growth and harvesting of an agricultural economy, still more for us in a post-industrial context. And the illustrations Jesus uses might seem to lack credibility; should we really seek to learn from the birds, who die by the thousand in the winter because of shortage of food? A careful reading of the text might help us answer some of these questions.

Join James and Ian as they discuss all these questions, and reflect on how Jesus is our teacher in so many ways.

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8 thoughts on “Can we really trust God to provide for us in Matthew 6? video discussion”

  1. Thank you both so much for this. I love the bit about cubits and spans!
    Can I also point out that Jesus says , later on , “a greater than Solomon is here”. Is He (therefore) painting Himself as a flower in this picture?

  2. Hi Ian. Love the podcast. I’m a bit confused. In the revised common lectionary this coming Sunday’s Gospel reading is Matthew 5:21-37 not Matthew 6:24-34. Is there a different lectionary you’re using? John

    • You are right. However, Ian and James are both (good?) Anglicans. The Church of England follows the RCL – but modified. In particular, as they say, they are considering the reading for “the Second Sunday before Lent”. If I look up the RCL online, this coming Sunday is “the Sixth Sunday after Epiphany”. This does not exist in the CofE. It has four Sundays after Epiphany, and three ‘filler’ Sundays of Ordinary Time, following Candlemas and before 2nd before Lent.

  3. That’s interesting David. So am I right is saying that my “mint” edition of the CWL ( Common Worship Lectionary) is now dated, even though I with my contemporary BCP (Book of Common Prayer) together with the two (good?) Anglicans are following the same readings on Sunday ? Every blessing then to them if they celebrate the *correct* festival on March 17th!


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